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In an effort to provide quality materials and a safe work environment, we continue to push ourselves to minimize our affect on the environment.  We adhere to the strict guidelines of ISO 14001 which allows us to focus on our environment impact and continually refining our processes.

We are proud to embrace the following initiatives at our headquarters in Florida

A safe environment for all of our employees.

Pollution and waste prevention.

Energy efficiency initiatives.

Strict compliance with all applicable environmental regulations including Federal, State, and County.

Office Paper RecyclingLED or CFL lighting throughout our warehouse and offices.

Since 2012, we have required sustainable standards for many of our products. Our most recent is the use of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). This is a composite wood product made from wood waste fibers, a re-purposed material, that is glued together with resin, heat, and pressure. This allows us to use materials that normally go to waste without forgoing quality in our products.

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Our Legacy

With a trust built over three generations, we've been serving contractors like you with our high quality, sophisticatedly designed, and easy and safe to install home decor products, specializing mirrors and ceiling lights, for over 35 years now.


Can the mirrors be hanged on drywall only using the hardware provided?

Yes it can be hanged on drywall and we provide standard hanging hardware. The hardware that can hold up to 50lbs. Alternatively, you can probably get anchors and screws from a local hardware store.

Can you do custom sizes according to my needs?

We do not make custom production at this time.

How thick is the glass and what is the reflective backing made of?

It is a clear 5mm glass with three layers of metals sealed by a layer of paint. Glass has a fully applied layer of tin. Tin layer has a full application of silver. Silver layer has a complete application of copper. Copper layer is sealed with a layer of organic paint.

Do you provide any warranty on the mirrors?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you receive it and are not happy for any reason and we have a 5 year warranty on the drivers and a 10 year warranty on the lights.

Can this be mounted onto a tiled wall?

Mirror can be mounted on any surface as long as done safely and securely. Therefore, it can be mounted onto the tiled wall so long as you can nail through the tile or at least drill a pilot hole.

Can you spray paint the frame?

Yes, if you wanted to customize your own color you could spray paint it. It will adhere to the surface.

Does this mirror distort or warp your reflection at all?

It doesn’t distort in any way. It’s a great product.

What does it mean to have a floating mirror? Is it loose ?

It's not loose. There is a 1/4 inch gap between the glass and the frame all around. The glass appears to float in the frame since the frame does not touch the edge of the mirror. The mirror is supported from behind.