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Premium Rubber Bumpers for Glass Stone Tile & Drawers

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My bedroom has a new life after installing this beautiful round mirror from Hamilton Hills. Awesome finish & feels quite sturdy.

– Gabriel, 28, Homemaker

  • Description

    The uses for these small 1/2" diameter circular stick on bumpers is endless. They add protection, dampen drawer and door closure sounds, create a non slip bottom and grip the surface below them. They are great for home, office and useful in crafts. To keep them protected and organized, we include a durable plastic storage case. To use on glass table tops, carefully remove the glass from its base to avoid scratching and chipping. Clean both sides of the glass top and table base using a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Remove our rubber bumpers from pad and stick to base of table. Carefully replace glass on table then press the top gently on the bumper. We are a family owned business and have been making products for over 35 years. We have remained in business for so long because we are equally committed to making exceptional products as your full satisfaction, LOVE OUR RUBBER BUMPERS OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! If you are unsatisfied in any way, please contact us to for a full, no questions asked refund.


Can the mirrors be hanged on drywall only using the hardware provided?

Yes it can be hanged on drywall and we provide standard hanging hardware. The hardware that can hold up to 50lbs. Alternatively, you can probably get anchors and screws from a local hardware store.

Can you do custom sizes according to my needs?

We do not make custom production at this time.

Is the reflection accurate or thinner or bigger ?

The reflection is accurate — not at all distorted.

Can it be hung over tiles?

You only need to nail a few nails, our bathroom mirror can be installed anywhere.

How do I clean it without getting streaks?

A glass cleaner with a lens cloth- works great - no streaks at all.

Is it possible to buy these brackets without the mirror?

At this time, we do not offer the brackets individually. 

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